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clay, soil

size variable



Tsu City Hisai Ars Plaza, Tsu, Japan

Photo: Takuma Uematsu

Hisai Project is a reflection of Hisai region as it used to be one of the major places for roof tiles. I created original design of roof tiles inspired by ceramic figures of Shoki-a guardian spirit, usually set on roof tops in the town. I then produced over 1000 roof tiles of my own design made out of the local soil with the help of local volunteers. This project consists of 3 parts and each part has its own method of making aggregate with a different point of view.  The theme of the exhibition part 1 is "town" and I created aggregate out of lines to evoke the audience streets and the point of view towards the town is the same as ours. The exhibition part 2 represents "city" and I created aggregate out of plane surface. And the point of view became more distant. Then the part 3 represents "world" and I created aggregate out of piling and the view point will be even more distant so that all surfaces becomes dots.




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