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paper, display, micro controller, metal, book, display, micro controller, artificial turf, wood
21x30x230,20x30x5(cm) /8x12x91, 8x12x2 (inch)


Gallery Fleur (Kyoto, Japan)

This installation work consists of 2 objects both playing with words. A palindrome sentence "now I won" shown in  a display is sandwiched by the pile of A4 sheets of papers. A4 size paper is deeply connected with society and daily life. The word on the display somehow resists to it, ironically being sandwiched by those papers. On the other hand,“turn me hero” is a different order of alphabets from  the sentence "return home" which was the theme of this solo exhibition.  "Turn me hero" is the response to "now I won". Audience can see the twisted situation, which is the one side is saying its victory, being sandwiched between A4 paper, which isthe symbol of society, meanwhile the other side wanting to win a victory by standing in a free field without any pressure.

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