Yumiko Ono


Born in Kobe, Japan.
After her BA study in Japan, she completed her MA study in the Czech Republic as well as Russia. She has also lived and worked in Hungary, England, and Israel. Currently, she lives and works both in the USA and Japan.




2003-2004       Exchange for 6 months at the Painting Department, Glasgow School of Art

2001-2005       BA degree at the Painting Department, Faculty of Arts, Kyoto Seika University

2005-2007       Research study at the Painting Department and the Intermedia Department, Hungarian University of Fine Arts

2007-2008       Research study at the Painting Department, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

2008-2010       MgA degree at the Intermedia Department, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

2011-2012       Research study at the Fine Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

2015-2016       Foundation course at Saint Petersburg State University of Culture

2016-2018       MA degree with honors at the Ceramic Department, Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design


2005-2007       Hungarian Government Scholarship

2007-2008       Japanese Government Young Artists Oversea Programme

2008-2010       Czech Government Scholarship

2011                 Asahi Shimbun Foundation

2011-2012       Israeli Government Scholarship

2015-2018       Russian Government Scholarship

2018                 CAF Award Finalist



Yelabuga State Historical Architectural and Art Museum Preservation, Yelabuga, RU

Kohler Co.

John Michael Kohler Arts Center



Working experience


2009- 2010     curator at the Gallery F43, Prague, CZ

2013   assistant at HirakiSawa Studio,
2013   steward at British Pavilion, Venice Biennale, IT




2006    group exhibition "dot Kuplung, Budapest, HU
2007    solo exhibition FrizTerem, Budapest, HU
2007    group exhibition tick Kuplung, Budapest, HU
2007    solo exhibition 3 animations Eizo Studio 1928, Kyoto, JP
2008    solo exhibition sleep At Home Gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia
2008    solo exhibition tower Eizo Studio 1928, Kyoto, JP
2008    solo exhibition frames Gallery BAZARA club, Kobe, JP
2008    solo exhibition Gallery F43, Prague, CZ
2009    group exhibition zoom in Gallery VSUP, Prague, CZ
2009    solo exhibition 4 o'clock Piano Café, Holešov, CZ
2010    group exhibition Body Limits Gallery NTK, Prague, CZ
2010    group exhibition making the world Gallery Emila Filly, Ústínad Labem, CZ
2010    group exhibition 120 X 120 cover exhibition66 Gallery, Prague, CZ
2010    group exhibition Hányásbanállsz!Bakelít Multi Art Center, Budapest, HU
2010    solo exhibition Garden Gallery 207, Prague, CZ
2010    group exhibition Here and Therecastle, Popovice, CZ
2010    solo exhibition “Home” Gallery Cube, Prague, CZ
2010    solo exhibition “Home” TabačkaKulturfabrik, Košice, SK
2010    solo exhibition “Plan B” Cafe Tureček, Prague, CZ
2010    International Art Symposium“ElementsCuisine” Galanta, SK
2010    group exhibition Looking FWD Eizo Studio 1928, Kyoto, JP
2011    group exhibition Artists for ArtMap NoveScena ND, Prague, CZ
2011    group exhibition "Kikkas Amsterdam, NL
2011    group exhibition "In Optima Forma Gallery Emila Filly, Ústínad Labem, CZ
2011    solo exhibition "return” Gallery Fleur, Kyoto, JP
2011    group exhibition "visitors” Gallery MeetFactory, Prague, CZ
2011    group exhibition "Here and Now  Printa Gallery, Budapest, HU
2011    exhibition "Finally Together Gallery Emila Filly, Ústínad Labem, CZ
2011    group exhibition "Topophilia Work Detroit Gallery, Detroit, USA
2011    group exhibition "Bad DealKarlin, Prague, CZ
2011    group exhibition "Utopia on the Brink of an Abyss National Gallery in Prague, CZ
2012    group exhibition "Site Specific  Artists’ Studio, Jerusalem, IL
2012    group exhibition "Dirty, Fast, and Superficial Empty House, Jerusalem, IL
2012    solo exhibition "Muslim Call Gallery ve Sklepě, Prague, CZ
2012    solo exhibition "Sen Honen-in temple, Kyoto, JP
2012    group exhibition "Concentrado V Gallery Apis, Rio de Janeiro, BR
2012    group exhibition "Concentrado V Gallery Crux, Brandys, CZ
2013    group exhibition "Domani National Art Center, Tokyo, JP
2014    solo exhibition "Landscape Gallery 301, Kobe, JP
2014    solo exhibition "Stone Skipping Entrance Gallery, Prague, CZ
2014    group exhibition "Therefore n after  INEX Gallery, Belgrade, RS
2014    Kyoto Sento Art Festival 2014, Kyoto, JP
2014    group exhibition "Transition Y Gallery, Minsk, BY
2014    group exhibition "the artist of the year 2014
Gallery 301, Kobe, JP
2015    group exhibition “MAY FLY II” Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul, KR
2015    12th International Gyeonggi Ansan Art Fair, Ansan, KR
2015    group exhibition “Paradise Reopening” Paradise Motel, Incheon, KR
2015    TEAF2015 Taehwa-river Eco Art Festival, Ulsan, KR
2016    solo exhibition “Paper Empire” 2,04 Gallery, St. Petersburg, RU
2017    group exhibition “Spring-2017" Exhibition Center St.Petersburg Union of Artists, Saint Petersburg, RU
2017    International Festival" Space of Fire” Gdov, RU
2017    group exhibition “glass and ceramics in landscape” Elagin Island, St. Petersburg, RU
2017    group exhibition “Collaboration. Ceramic East-West” in the II International scientific conference “Contemporary art of East”

             Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, Moscow, RU
2017    group exhibition “Maid of Mist” Church Street, New York, USA
2018    group exhibition “Always First Demolition” Dispersed Holdings, New York, USA
2018    group exhibition “Unstated” Coburn Projects, New York, USA
2018    solo exhibition “Grids” Gallery 301 due, Kobe, JP
2018    group exhibition “House of Artists” BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama, JP
2018    symposium & group exhibition International Creative Laboratory "Bashnya”  Yelabuga State Historical Architectural and

             Art Museum Preservation, Yelabuga, RU
2018    group exhibition “Contemporary Art Foundation Award Finalists’ Show” Hillside Forum, Tokyo, JP
2018    group exhibition “the artists of the year 2018” Gallery 301, Kobe, JP
2018    group exhibition "Fragile Things" Osnova Gallery, Moscow, RU

2019    group exhibition "Ogikubo Church Shopping Street and Art-Information Art Exhibition" Suginami City Hall Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2019    solo exhibition "Utopia" Slag Gallery, New York, USA

2019    solo exhibition "Transforming Shell" 2,04 Gallery, Saint Petersburg, RU
2019    solo exhibition "Epitomes" MOCA Taipei, Taipei, TW

2020    solo exhibition "Organic Matter" Diem Phung Thi Museum, Hue, VN 

2020    group exhibition "Transpositions-3" Museum of Nonconformist Art, Saint Petersburg, RU

2020    Art Festival "ART GATE OGIKUBO2020" Ogikubo Shotengai, Tokyo, JP

2021    solo exhibition "Complex" Koganehara Housing Complex Community House 6-9 & 7-1, Matsudo, JP

2021    solo exhibition "Lorem ipsum" Gallery 301, Kobe, JP


Film Festivals:


2006    International Fine Arts Film Festival, Szolnok, HU
2007    International Animation Film Festival Tindirindis, Vilnius, Lithuania
2008    Film Festival in Zest Oike, Kyoto, JP
2011    Southside Film Festival, Glasgow, GB




2008    At Home Gallery 1month residency, Šamorín, SK
2011    Meetfactory, 3months residency, Prague, CZ
2015    Gyeonggi Creation Center 3months residency, Ansan, KR
2017    ISCP 3months residency, New York, USA
2018    MASS MoCA 5weeks residency, Massachusetts, USA
2019    John Michael Kohler Arts Center 3months residency, Wisconsin, USA

2019    Retreat 3days residency, New York, USA
2019    St. Petersburg Art Residency 1month residency, St. Petersburg, RU
2019    Taipei Artist Village 3months residency, Taipei, TW

2020-2021  Paradise AIR 2months residency, Matsudo, JP

2021    Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park 6months residency, Shigaraki, JP