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W36×L36×H40 (cm) /W14×L14×H16 (inch) each


MoCA Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

Photo: MoCA Taipei

Video : Po-Yu Huang

This pair of paper objects "Facade" is shown as a part of my solo exhibition "Epitomes" at MoCA Taipei. While researching, I became interested in Taiwanese tradition Zhizha, which refers to houses and daily objects made out of paper that are made for the deceased in the afterlife. I found a connection between Zhizha and my imaginary architectural work, as they both have realistic appearances without practical purposes. In this exhibition, I showed objects comprised of several facades that are a hybrid form of Taiwan’s architecture made through my collaboration with a Taipei-based Zhizha company, Skea. I used Taiwanese architectural elements from various time periods to create pseudo architectural objects, which seem familiar but do not exist in reality. Unlike conventional Zhizha, I decided to eliminate colors and have only facades without the “inside” to emphasize the surface nature. After the exhibition ended, I burnt the objects in a temple following the Taiwanese tradition of Zhizha.

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