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porcelain, paper, pencil on tracing paper



Diem Phung Thi Museum, Hue, Vietnam

Photo: Trần Đình Đức Hiếu

Organic Matter is a solo exhibition, which was taken place in Diem Phung Thi Museum, Vietnam. In this exhibition, I exhibited installation work, which consists of drawings and textile (silk) work, which are inspired by Metabolism -a Japanese architectural movement, between the late 50’s and early '70s. I was particularly interested in the Metabolist idea of making architecture or city more organic such as living beings keep changing depending on their environment, and also having cylinders or some big structure with small units around. From the shape of those buildings, I created soft architectures for the first time made out of silk, which is a Vietnamese traditional material. By having different shapes of drawing series and soft sculptures according to the shape of the rooms, I created a dialogue between horizontal and vertical in my 2D work and depth and volume in my 3D work. 

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