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clay, soil

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Tsu City Hisai Ars Plaza, Tsu, Japan

Photo: Takuma Uematsu

Hisai Project is a reflection of Hisai region as it used to be one of the major places for roof tiles. I created original design of roof tiles inspired by ceramic figures of Shoki-a guardian spirit, usually set on roof tops in the town. I then produced over 1000 roof tiles of my own design made out of the local soil with the help of local volunteers. This project consists of 3 parts and each part has its own method of making aggregate with a different point of view.  

The theme of Hisai Project I is "town" and I created aggregate out of lines to evoke the audience streets and the point of view towards the town is the same as ours. The second part of Hisai Project (Hisai Project II) represents "city" and I created aggregate out of plane surface. And the point of view became more distant. Then the third part (Hisai Project III) represents "world" and I created aggregate by piling the roof tile and the view point will be even more distant so that all surfaces become dots. After those exhibitions, the roof tiles will be given to people and they will remain as a part of cities.

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